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Employment with Alight Solutions is contingent upon the successful completion of a background check. Information a candidate provides will be utilized by our third party background screening vendor, HireRight, to verify their social security number (in the U.S.), employment and academic history, and to conduct a criminal history search. Some roles may also require completion of a drug screen and/or a credit review. A candidate’s recruiter can further describe the background screening requirements for the
position they have been offered. All required components must be completed prior to the start date.

1. What is Alight Solutions background check policy?
The Alight Solutions background checking policy states that all candidates are subject to background check prior to starting employment. The policy is applied globally ensuring safety of our clients and our colleagues internally. Background checks are started once an offer has been accepted.

2. What will be checked as a part of the background check process?

A background check includes the following:
  • Education (the highest degree earned)
  • Employment (past 7 years)
  • SSN Trace
  • Criminal Check (10 years)
  • Global Sanctions and Enforcement Check
  • Drug Test -9 panel urine test (if applicable)
  • Credit review (if applicable)

3. What does a candidate need to provide in order to ensure a quick resolution?
The candidate should respond promptly to all messages they receive from HireRight or HR Shared Services Team and provide the requested information/documentation immediately. The background checking process consists of a few stages. Candidates will be expected to do the following:

Complete the form on the HireRight platform:
  • Candidates will receive an email containing a link from HireRight, our Background Checking provider. The link is valid 48 hours and it is crucial that the candidate login and complete the application immediately.
  • The link will be sent to the candidate’s personal email address * We ask that candidates monitor their personal email inbox closely, including spam folders, as the link expires within 48 hours.*
  • Candidate will be asked to provide the following information: education credentials, past employment information, personal details.
  • To expedite the process, when completing the online application, candidates can upload any supporting documentation to the HireRight system that may help verify the information (diplomas, W-2s, T-4s, offer letters, etc.). Please note that HireRight aims to confirm the information directly at the sources but if that is not possible, the Alight HR Shared Services Team may use the uploaded documents for the verification purposes.
Drug Testing:
  • Within 24 hours of submitting the information on the HireRight platform the candidate should receive an email notification providing information on drug testing (SPAM folder should  be monitored). If they don’t receive the notification, they should reach out to Alight HRSS at immediately.
  • The candidate should closely follow the instructions from the HireRight email.
  • The candidate should make sure they complete the drug test within the given time frame (3 days).
  • Before going to the facility, the candidate should confirm the location's business hours.

Additional information/Documentation:
  • If HireRight has problems verifying some information at the source, either HireRight or the internal Alight HR Shared Services team will reach out to the candidate for further information/documentation.
  • Candidates are asked to respond to these questions promptly.
  • Some schools do not update the national database regularly; therefore we ask that candidates provide diploma or official transcripts in case the verification was unsuccessful.
  • It is recommended that the candidate gather supporting documentation pertaining to employment and to provide it promptly if requested. Acceptable forms of documents are W-2 forms/T-4 forms/contracts and resignation letters/first and last paystubs/reference letters, etc. Please note that you can request W-2 forms for past 7 years by contacting the IRS.
  • If the candidate has a SSN block set on their account, we ask that the candidate inform Alight (  immediately.

4. Where should candidates reach out with issues or further questions?
They should reach out to our HR Shared Services team at

5. Can candidates withdraw from the process?
Candidate’s employment with Alight Solutions is contingent upon successful completion of the check therefore all candidates are required to initiate and complete the background check process. If at any point in time, the candidate decides not to start with Alight Solutions, such decision should be communicated to their recruiter and the check will be cancelled.

6. When and how will the candidate receive the results of the check?
The turnaround time can vary depending on many factors such as: components of the check, the candidate’s responsiveness to questions asked by HireRight and/or the HR Shared Services team and availability of the required information. Turnaround can be anywhere from 5 business days up to 20 business days, the average is 10 business days. Once the check is completed the candidate will receive an automated notification from HireRight.