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Finance & Wealth
Our mission is to transform lives and organizations by maximizing health, financial and work wellbeing. Finances have a direct impact on people's health and vice versa. 

By connecting their health & retirement benefits, we help our clients significantly improve their employees broader well being. 

Alight help our clients employees understand the best ways to manage their money and save for the future.

As a team, we aim to deliver the best advise on finances and help build a future. 

Alight provides peace of mind for a prosperous future

Most people need guidance to plan for the future. Our suite of tools and support includes financial wellness advice from licensed independent experts that help employees with everything from contributing to their 401(k) plans to budgeting for a new home.   The insights we’ve gained from 48 years of experience have made us the largest independent defined contribution recordkeeper in the U.S. We use our expertise to support the long-term financial health of our client's employees and set their organization up for success. 
We believe personalized support is the key to financial freedom.  

Alight offers our clients the knowledge, tools and personalized support they need to feel confident about the future. We get to know our client's employees so we can help them understand their unique financial iden​​​​​​​tity and provide guidance on everything from retirement plan elections to personal finance and debt management. 

By helping them determine financial goals, manage resources and develop an appropriate plan, we set them on a career-long savings journey that meets their specific and personal needs. 

​​​​​​​Our professional advisors have on average 18 years of experience and don’t accept commission, so employees can truly trust their advice.  We provide solutions designed to increase knowledge, trust and confidence in themselves — and in their employer. 


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Alight named a best place to work by Parents@work

Who is our ideal Candidate?



The roles we hire for the Wealth Team are best for people who: 
  • ​​​​​​​Are highly empathetic and can relate to those on the journey of retirement.  
  • Have a passion for building knowledge and are strong communicators.  
  • Have an acumen for financial data and a passion for helping and guiding clients.  
  • Are team players who enjoy collaborating with colleagues across different locations.  
  • Enjoy repetitive tasks and thrive on being detail minded and accurate.  
  • Want to share in the success of both our clients and our internal teams.  

Please note- for the Financial Solutions Representative a FINRA Series 6 is required at the time of application.

Live Well

  • A stronger wellbeing is the goal for our employees as well as our users.
    We take care of our own with:
  • Competitive salaries, healthcare and benefits
  • Paid volunteer time
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Training
  • Paid wellness days

Be Real

Diversity & inclusion should be visible, valued, and sustained in every organization. 

At Alight, we lift every voice in the room and challenge our people to champion empathy and belonging in the workplace and beyond.
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