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Know Your Worth: Navigating & Optimizing Your Employee Benefits

A workshop sponsored by Inclusion@Alight
At Alight, we know how complicated stepping into the employee benefits world can be. We find that most of the time, when it comes to deciding on an employer or analyzing job offers, young professionals focus only on salary and bonus components and don't consider benefits as part of the total package.

That’s why we believe the NBMBAA 45th Annual Conference & Exposition is an outstanding opportunity for us to shed some light into Total Compensation, and why it is so important for young professionals to understand that employee benefits can make a great difference in their financial and mental wellbeing.

Workshop Content

Your total compensation. 

The entirety of financial rewards and benefits received by an employee from their employer, encompassing not only salary but also bonuses, benefits, retirement contributions, and other forms of remuneration.

401k Plans: retirement savings plans offered by employers, enabling employees to set aside a portion of their salary into an investment account, often with employer matching, to accumulate funds for retirement.

H​​​​​​​ealth Savings Account: A tax-advantaged account available to individuals with high-deductible health plans, allowing them to save pre-tax income for medical expenses, providing a way to manage healthcare costs.

The allocation of ownership in the form of company stock to employees as part of their compensation package. This allows employees to become partial owners of the company. Most common stock options are Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) and Performance Stock Units (PSUs)

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