Alight's HealthCare Navigation  

Clinical Guidance

When a patient’s situation calls for more care, we walk beside people over the course of their entire healthcare journey, filling in the gaps and connecting the dots. Our Medical Allies provide second opinions, identify top providers, practice shared decision making, and assist with the logistics of appointments, admissions, insurance, and finances. We answer any and all questions—and we listen. Because sometimes that’s what helps most.

Find the right care


We match individual needs against our data to identify which provider or prescription at what price and quality is a go. It’s a science, based on more than 2 million healthcare interactions that consider costs, quality and patient experience.

Personalized directions

Employees with specific needs? On it. Our platform uses AI and analytics to deliver highly targeted messages early on, protecting their health and your wallet in the long term.

Benefits smart routing

Endless support for every need. With one phone number and one digital experience, our benefits smart routing connects your people to the right resources to increase benefits engagement and satisfaction.

Your A-team

Alight Health Pro Consultants have helped millions of employees and more than 2,500 companies nationwide navigate the hard part of healthcare, knowing organizations only thrive when their people do.