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Alight and RecruitMilitary | Career Success for our U.S. Veterans

Veterans bring invaluable skills and experiences to the workplace, including leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability. By hiring veterans, we enrich our company culture and strengthen our teams with individuals who are disciplined, resilient, and mission-driven.

At Alight, we are committed to providing veterans with a smooth transition into civilian careers. Through our partnership with RecruitMilitary, we offer tailored resources, support, and mentorship to help veterans excel in their roles and reach their full potential within our organization.

Upcoming events

RecruitMilitary Job Fair at Fort Liberty

Thursday, May 9th 2024
11 AM - 3 PM (Eastern Time)

Iron Mike Conference & Catering Center, Fort Liberty, NC 28310

RecruitMilitary Atlanta Veterans Job Fair

Thursday, September 12th 2024
11 AM - 3 PM (Eastern Time)

Venue TBD

RecruitMilitary | Frequently Asked Questions

RecruitMilitary Career Fair Candidate FAQ

Here is what you need to know to have the best possible experience. 

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