As the marketplace for individual Medicare plans has grown, retirees can be overwhelmed with plan choices and information. Alight Retiree Health Solutions has created a smarter way forward for employers and their retirees.

Alight gives retirees access to a Medicare marketplace that cuts through the clutter and offers personalized recommendations. Our private exchange simplifies the shopping and enrollment process and delivers greater value and savings for retirees.



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Our name is new, but we have a 25-year history of helping our customers and their people thrive. Learn more about Alight and our values.

We help retirees understand Medicare and guide them to choose a plan with tools designed to find the best options for their specific needs.
Exclusive to Alight, our tools give plan recommendations based on a retiree’s preferred doctors, prescription drugs, health status and predicted healthcare spending. This results in personalized, unbiased plan recommendations.

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