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Our name is new, but we have a 25-year history of helping our customers and their people thrive. Learn more about Alight and our values.

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Bening with our leaders ...

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1st Month 2018​​​​​​​
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​​​​​​​2nd Month 2018

We're taking action

Bening with our leaders ...

Alight’s Early Career Development Program – Ignite: 
Ignite, is committed to building a diverse group of future leaders within our organization. The program is focused on creating a great place for new college graduates to thrive and offer an accelerated training program designed to build both leadership and technical skills.  

The Ignite program offers development experiences that leverage the power of your degree into real career momentum. The program offers a blend of learning delivered through the Alight Development Platform:  
  • Build business networks and partnerships, globally 
  • Develop overall business concepts and acumen to drive client engagement and business outcome
  • Grow core impact skills and competences to enhance your career growth 

Throughout the program, Igniters are encouraged to reimagine the future and drive excellence by cultivating their colleague network, working on project teams, and focusing on building their career with the company.  

As part of a high-visibility program across the firm, Igniters con expect to develop their skills through instructor-led, web-based, on-the-job training, mentor support and extensive interaction with Alight executive and business leaders to help them achieve success.  

Alight’s Early Career Development Internship Program, Inspire

​​​​​​​The Inspire Internship is a part of our early career development programs. Interns in this program actively participate in a blended 10-week summer program, across offices throughout the US. This program is a blend of formal education, experiential learning, and mentorship and networking. Helping you to succeed is our top priority. People matter.  

Formal education:  
  • Role-based and business skills trainings 
  • Weekly leader connects with Business Leaders, Ignite Colleagues, and Ignite Alumni 

Experiential learning:  
  • Hands-on impact projects, followed by end-of-internship presentations 
  • Coaching and feedback provided throughout the program 

Mentorship and networking: 
  • Mentors are aligned to each intern 
  • Planned social outings